Thursday, July 06, 2017

This is New Jersey State- Sponsored Child Abuse.

NJ State Senator Jen Beck voted for the recently passed Transgender "Education" bill.

UNLESS the Governor vetoes the bill, it will FORCE schools (they always start with the Public Schools, before getting into the private/ religious schools) to allow deviant boys - pretending to be girls - to use girls restrooms and showers, among other terrible measures.    It will ALSO FORCE schools to indoctrinate innocent children into treating deviant boys pretending to be girls as "girls" (and the reverse).

This is State- Sponsored Child Abuse. -
Let Sen. Beck know what you think about her promoting child abuse under the guise of "Equality" - as your "representative" in the NJ State Senate. ....

Please call the Gov. ASAP at 6092926000, asking him to please stand up to those endangering children with this

unhinged law, and veto this and any other "Transgender" bill.

Good Morning,

Unfortunately Sen.  Beck voted for the bathroom bill. It will FORCE schools  to allow  boys - pretending to be girls - to use girls restrooms and showers, among other terrible measures. The government  always start with the Public Schools, before getting into the private and religious schools. Jewish schools in London are being forced to shut down for  not applauding these  abnormalities and in no time all Jewish and private schools in NJ will be forced to comply or face the  government... 

Over the next few weeks I will distribute the attached flyer in the various Synagogues of Long Branch and Deal. It is about time that the constituents of Sen. Beck, know of her actions.  

Best Regards,
Avraham Sharaby


Anonymous said...

If you shop in Target stores you have the same problem. They let the deviants into bathrooms & changing rooms.

And as reported in the newspapers, the big menuvol Ari Nagel who graduated Yeshiva of Spring Valley (altz protekzia that his father is on the shul Board of Dr. Rabbi Moses Tendler), who is having babies from many, many women, mostly shvartzas, is shtelling avek the heryon with them in Target bathrooms. Target has not stopped Nagel or the trans deviants despite that Xtian groups are very angrily complaining about both problems. Even Cuomo & de Blasio are disgusted by the Nagel chilul Hashem and are using State & City laws in an attempt to stop him.

Monsey said...

Sounds right. Any lowlife with big money or big protectzyeh is welcomed with open arms by the Yeshiva of Spring Valley Board who threw out the founding mishpocho and then never had a Democratic election since then because no one is allowed to run in the election unless the dictators say so. But if a nobody in their eyes with no protectzyeh moves to Monsey from Europe or who knows where, the achzorim with their stooge rabbi couldn't care less if the kids have no yeshiva to go to. After they stole the yeshiva from the mishpocho of Rav Greenbaum & Rav Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz, the gazlonim say it is a private yeshiva, they don't have to take anyone, they can go to public school with the schvartzers for all they care.

That this is being done to Jewish kids by other Yidden is worse than transgender!

Anonymous said...

In Brick next to Lakewood, thanks to Target's obscene policy to let dangerous men go wherever women are undressed

Peeping Tom in Target women's dressing room sought by cops