Monday, July 17, 2017

Bobov-Lakewood does construction on Shabbos- ALERT: One may NOT purchase those units-take back your deposits

Bobov-Lakewood does construction on Shabbos-
Willing to pay someone to write a hetter. Ami Magazine to the rescue?

If they come up with a heter, it's still ossur to purchase because of Chilul Hashem! Hilchos Shabbos


Anonymous said...

Reb yudel speak to Yotseef Tzvi about Bobov monsey chillul shabbos on the mesifta dorm!

Bobov7daysaweek said...

Shabbos doo, Shabbos Dort, Inz bow'en in mitten.

Anonymous said...

The alter Rebbes of Bobov zichronam livrocho are turning over in their graves.

Chilul Shabbos for a beis medrash.

Grunfeld the President of Bobover mosdos laundering money for drug cartels

And covering up for lowlife Hafner:

Tripping Up The Prosecution
By Stephanie Saul - Staff Writer
Newsday - May 28, 2003

The arrest of a popular rabbi in the Bobox Hasidic sect in January 2000 provides another example of the pressure that can be placed on those who complain to outside officials. In that case, a 9-year-old boy accused the Brooklyn rabbi, his tutor, of physically and sexually abusing him.

But before the case was resolved, the police assigned 24-hour protection to the complainant's family, according to a law enforcement source. The family had been threatened by members of the Bobov community, the source said.

"They excoriate the victim, they run them out of the community, they make sure the victim will never marry," said sociologist Amy Neustein, who, with Lesher, researched the Hafner case and provided documents for this article.

The boy's family later moved from Brooklyn to the quieter Bobov community in Monsey. The family would not talk to Newsday, but a friend said the move was an effort to escape community pressure.

While Hynes' office was examining the boy's allegations, the Bobov community convened a rabbinical court, a bet din.

The child's uncle later complained that rabbis on the bet din had asked the family to sign a document saying the boy was crazy so that they could get the criminal case thrown out. Several members of the bet din either did not return calls from Newsday or declined to discuss the religious court's proceedings.

Meantime, according to the law enforcement source, Bobov rabbis appeared in Hynes office' to plead in Hafner's defense.

After the bet din decision, the five-member panel posted notices throughout Borough Park clearing Hafner. "Rabbi Hafner's comportment with [the child] has been in complete accordance with both Torah law and the law of the land, and a parent should not hesitate to engage Rabbi Hafner as a tutor for his/her child."

(They also threatened R' Dovid Cohen to stop digging into the cover up)

Anonymous said...

Shabbos was a nidcheh that week.