Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Goal of a Girls school?

The goal of a girls school should be to transmit proper Jewish values and not to see how many Ramban's students can learn in a year.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

From Zero to Hero

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Monday, August 14, 2017

The Braekel breed chicken-אסור


Some 18 years ago, We discussed with Rav Shmuel Wosner the issue of cross-bred chickens being used in the USA and Israel. Rav Wosner was of the opinion that there is sufficient reasons and no significant differences it's permitted even though they are cross bred.

Yet the Kabir breed is not permitted as there are significant differences, and the breeder (katz family) would not reveal to Rav Wosner with what birds were the Kabir breed cross bred.

We believe that Rav Wosner would not have permitted the Braekel breed either.


Is price your criterea for kashrus? by many it is the sole criterea [sadly]

 It's no secret that Birdsboro poultry and KJ Kiryas Yoel poultry are way superior in kashrus to the Marvid poultry.

Just Marvid is cheaper.

Please sign the petition re: fair dispention of traffic tickets in NYC

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Another UPDATE: Don't buy any A & B Fish products !!!! (A&B throws their 35+ year Lakewood distributor under the bus).

Don't buy any of A & B fish products,
till they reinstate their Lakewood distributor of 35+ years.Anonymous A
nonymous said...

A&B stole his business, his customers, etc.
He was not a "salesman" for A&B, it was his route and customers.

Would you trust A&B for kashrus?

Don't digress from the issue at hand by adding tangential slander and Lashon Harah. The A&B issue is symptomatic of deeper social ills in Lakewood that have to be addressed and redressed. The fact is a distributor made A&B a household name in Lakewood and made it the gefilte fish of choice. It was borne of much hard work, sweat and tears. To take it away and start direct distribution now under duress of those who don't feel a need to be loyal or Mokir Tov is scandalous. A&B fish gets an "F" if they carry through with the plan

NPGS is an accomplice to these tactics.
NPGS is guilty  of complicity in going behind the backs of distributors, manufacturers.
NPGS [& their co-conspirators] uses kashrus questions to gain confidential information and manufacturer the item on their own.
Would you trust his kashrus?

Mon May 01, 07:39:00 PM 2017

May one trust their Kashrus?
                                        We think, NO!

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Lakewood, NJ - Teen & adult Alcohol epedemic to be addressed

Teen Alcohol Rehab in Lakewood, NJ

Lots of cultures think of alcohol based refreshments to be a socially acceptable drug that grow up with it in the house, and the hard truth is this is a drug which is devastating lives when its abused.

If an adolescent should begin mistreating alcohol even in a small way, the problems for everyone around them is terrible. Action is needed without delay and the most effective method to get the teenager away from alcohol is by using a specialist teen alcohol rehab center merely because external help is often needed.

Alcohol addiction in teens needing rehab can begin with the teen ingesting intermittently with friends and as part of getting older which is known as a technique for avoiding the difficulties of school or to be part of the high school clique.

Those that take it further and consume alcohol to excess which can cause serious problems to themselves and any people engaging with them, chiefly family members.
Irresponsible drinking is a trend of ingesting that results in dangerous and repeating patterns of pessimistic characteristics or starts to have dreadful repercussions.

Lakewood, NJ has numerous alcohol rehab centers that will are skilled in serving young adults and less than the age of the age of 21 personalized drug rehab, which is more accurate when compared with those served in an adult facility.

Mom and dad getting alcohol rehab for teens has seen a dramatic growth lately near Lakewood, NJ and analysts declare this as being partly a result of the economic depression with a lack of careers.
There are lots of varieties of teen alcohol rehab facilities in Lakewood, NJ, starting from outpatient detoxification residential curriculum's to high end outpatient rehabs.
With regards to the finances or policy covering you have and considering any other conditions the teenager possess, there are many serious factors to decide on one or the other in line with the insight and their history.

If a teen is a going totally off the rails and also the alcohol abuse issues are only one of plenty of hardships it can be advantageous to enroll them in an extensive alcohol rehab camp.

If you have explored hard and none of the alcohol rehab centers for teenagers close to Lakewood, NJ are of interest to you, it will be worth searching through New Jersey because they normally have more selection.

Women before marriage are generally oblivious to it and it is often a source of terrible shalom bayis issues when a new wife realizes that her good yeshiva guy husband is a drinker.
See also Yeshiva Camps alcohol drinking by Yeshaya Dovid Braunstein – Lakewood

Sunday, August 06, 2017

I know a lot of you enjoy drinking, it's a fun activity, you do it to be social.

I want to beg something of all of you. I know a lot of you enjoy drinking, it's a fun activity, you do it to be social. But- it's something you need to be responsible about, not just for yourself, but for whoever's doing it with you. I want to tell you about a boy I know. He went to his friends for shabbos, and Friday night they headed over to the house of a gevir who's known to have an open bar, fully stocked, as much as you want. 
This boy drank- nothing crazy, not too much. He went downstairs pretty early to go to sleep. His friends saw him later that night, flat on his back, snoring away. They left him alone, and a little while on, woke up again to see that something was seriously wrong. I don't  know exactly what- was he gagging? Choking? Throwing up? I don't know. 

They called Hatzalah, but by the time they came it was too late- this 26-year-old guy, single, his whole life ahead of him, was dead. Because he choked to death on his back. Tonight, his family is sobbing their eyes out. They're brokenhearted. His 7 brothers, his 3 sisters, they can't believe it's true and they're just beginning to grasp the fact that they'll never be a whole family again. And his mother- she's practically collapsing. She can't understand how this is happening. Why his friends let this happen. How they left him alone when one little thing would have saved him.
How do I know this story? Because it's my brother. Ari Levin. I'm the one watching my brothers fall apart as they try to grasp that they're never going to hug Ari again. They're crying about how they regret they didn't get to say goodbye, they're wishing they could tell him how much they love him, they're sobbing it to each other and holding on to each other desperately.
I know my dear brother Ari died for a reason, even if I don't know what that reason was. I know it was Hashem's plan and that if it happened, this is what He meant to happen. But- I also know that right now, his friends are feeling overwhelming guilt. They're feeling that if they had just watched over him a little better, turned him on his side, he wouldn't have died this way. They wouldn't have to face my parents at the levaya tomorrow, knowing that they could have done something about his death. And my parents are wishing they'd known about Ari's plans for the night, they would have begged him not to go. Go know that you could drink the same amount you always do but this time it's going to go wrong.
So I'm begging you guys, as a brokenhearted sister, as a future wife and mother- if you're going to drink, please be more responsible. Know your limits, but know your friends' as well. Watch over them and try to make sure they're as safe as possible. Know what's safe and what's not. Please. The life you save could be your own.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Disease in disguise- Silence is not an option- Li'Chaim

Communities in crisis

Chasunah wines- up to $12.00 @

Dinners / parlor meetings- limited to 2 bottles of up to $20.00 @
No Ruv should sell w/ chometz-no more than 1 bottle per household.

I'm not that familiar with all of the pratim; what I do know is that more and more people, especially the under 40 chevra are becoming addicts...they are seen in big numbers at AA meetings, and Rabbonim admit to me that it has become a major issue in their kehillas

Drinking in ModerationBy Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb
The use of alcoholic beverages is a primary example of something that our Torah permits, yet prescribes definite limitations. In fact, there are Scriptural references, which are reinforced by Chazal in numerous ways, concerning the need for moderation in drinking alcohol. Indeed, the Talmud (Yoma 76b) relates the very word yayin (wine) to the word yelala (woe).

The rise of substance abuse, including alcohol, among adults and teenagers in our community is very troubling. Children who witness adults engaging in alcohol consumption—beyond what is reasonable or necessary for halachic purposes—learn that alcohol is a substance to which one can resort when looking for fun or when trying to alleviate feelings of anxiety or depression. Using alcohol this way can lead to addiction, with all of its serious consequences.

Then there is all the all-too-common phenomenon known as the “Kiddush Club.” These clubs consist of those who leave shul during the Haftarah reading on Shabbat morning to drink single-malt scotches and other liquors, often to excess. This practice disgraces the holy words and messages of the prophets found in the Haftarot; ironically, it is these very messages that these individuals would be wise to learn. I have personally witnessed how the effects of practices such as Kiddush Clubs can sometimes be literally lethal.

An Orthodox Jew cannot limit his concern to the kashrut of ingredients but must also consider the kashrut of his personal demeanor and the example he sets for others, especially children.

Lakewood, Borough Park, Flatbush, Monsey, etc. Every community must eradicate this spreading disease

Shalom Zochurs,

Shul Kiddush,


Parlor meetings,


Organizational affairs,

Open bars,

At home get together w/ friends.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

it's not funny- Reform & Conservative kosher standards

I don’t know where it’s from or who made it, but it states that one should “take some time to learn different kosher symbols before you Jew-shame someone.

It then lists three symbols: the widely known “OU” symbol and two others — one denoting copyright protection; the other denoting registered trademark protection.

Noting the “C” and the “R” within circles, the meme refers to the former as for Conservative Jews; the other for Reform. So they eat anything & everything.  See you at the wall.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Alert: Shabbos Take-Out food-ALL "Take0out food may NOT be heated on Shabbos in ANY method.

Shabbos take-out food may not be heated on Shabbos.

Most items have in each dish items that are not fully cooked.
Uncooked; added water, oil, seasoning, herbs, garnish vegies, par-baked dough, partially cooked / sautéed, liver, meat, poultry, etc

By heating any of those item, one is transgressing Shabbos violations.

The food is not permitted to eat on Shabbos, because there was a violation of cooking on Shabbos.

נהרדעא has a serious problem of hard liquor & wine consumption.

נהרדעא- Each one wants to outdo his peers in the costly brands and in the quantity of an assortment of the "finest". Then they want to outdo each other in how much liquor they could hold.

They can't afford it, but they have peer pressure.

They go to various kidushim to make li'chaim on the chazon Ish's shiur.

It affects their stability at home, affects the wife and children.

Sure, they have daily pressure, but, this?

Are "kidush clubs" the only issue?

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Reb Chaim on Shatnez

לכבוד הרה'ג מרן של כל בני הגולה
הר' ר' חיים קניבסקי שליט'א 
נא לענות על שאלה שהרבה שואלים האם יכולים לסמוך על בעל חנות יהודי שטוען שאין שעטנז בהחליפה--שאף פעם לא מצא בו שעטנז-.
או באם בכל זאת צריכים לבדקו במעבדת שעטנז.

הרב ר' חיים ענה-"אין יכולין לסמוך עליהם"

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Who is Gershon Spiegel- the Toen Rabani-???

מה טיבו?
If Gershon Spiegel is a borer or "toen"?
only go to the RCA Bais din.
עצה טובה קמ"ל

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Kashrus alert: " Pizanos" Lakewood

Alert for those that are extra careful re; infestation;

Pizzanos Lakewood stopped using positive / kosher garden pre-checked salads.

They now use the "other" brands.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Kashrus Alert: Fish Sticks, fish cakes, and SUSHI-.

Bdatz Aida Yerushalem says-

Don't use any pollock fish products-even if ground up or minced.

 Don't use any Surimi in your sushi, which includes the California roll.

BMG's KCL doe$n't care about infe$tation? 

just pay your annual protection money$$$$$
בדרך כלל לא משווק בחנויות שתחת השגחת הבד”צ, לעיתים קיים ייצור מיוחד ללא חשש תולעים בהשגחה צמודה
נגיעות גבוהה של תולעי אניסקיס בבשר הדג
דגים קפואים יבוא ללא עור
סין - ים
Alaska Pollock

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Strawberries are infested

Jerusalem - Just a few weeks before, many chareidi rabbonim forbad eating strawberries because they are heavily infested with tiny insects which are impossible to completely remove. The announcement removed the popular delicacy from the table of many frum homes.
Then the sensational news was published throughout Israel: Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar announced in a shiur that one may eat strawberries after rinsing them in water and removing their leafy tops!  The news appeared in Israel’s leading newspaper and even in the chareidi world’s leading VosIzNeias web blog.
Many reported relief upon hearing the lenient psak. Others sideswiped at the poskim who always seem to find a new prohibition to saddle the public with.
But now the Shas party organ reports that Rav Amar’s psak was quoted incorrectly. They asked Rabbi Shlomo Amar for his clarification, and he explained that his shiur had been about worms which are not visible to the eye and had nothing to do with strawberries.

“It never occurred to me, chalila, to dispute the
prohibition against eating visible worms!” he says firmly. “To say otherwise is misleading.”
Rav Amar explained, “I was speaking about a recent tshuva I had just written which dealt with worms that are not visible to the eye. I wrote that according to many great poskim of our generation, led by Rav Ovadya Yosef (SHU"T Yecheve Daas 6:47), they are not forbidden. I further was mechadesh that they are not even considered ‘worms’ according to halacha.”
Rav Amar said in the shiur that if, for example, strawberries had such invisible ‘worms’ on them, the strawberries would not be prohibited to eat. Obviously, the strawberries were only mentioned by way of illustration and not as the basis for a chiddush or a psak.
The Chief Rabbi reiterates that as experts have shown, strawberries are infested with worms which are visible to the eye and can be seen without the help of a device.  These worms must be avoided, and if it is not possible to clean strawberries of them, then strawberries may not be eaten.

The Rabbi cleaned his glasses

הרה"ג יצחק יוסף מזהיר: "מהיום יש להחמיר יותר בבדיקת תירס"

במכתב שכתב הרה"ג יצחק יוסף לגבי בדיקת קלחי תירס, התבטא הרב ואמר כי בעבר אומנם לא הייתה כל בעיה עם קלחי התירס, אולם כיום - כתוצאה מריסוס, "מצויים הרבה תולעים בתירס, וניתן לראותם בעין רגילה. ובאחרונה התירס נעשה מוחזק יותר כירק נגוע בתולעים

במכתב ששיגר הרה"ג יצחק יוסף לאחד ממזכי הרבים ששאלו אודות בדיקת קלחי תירס, ענה הרב ואמר כי "אומנם בעבר אמרנו שאם התירס טרי – לא מצוי תולעים. אולם נתברר שכיום השתנה המצב עקב הריסוס שעושים החקלאים, ומצויים הרבה תולעים בתירס, באופן שנראים בעין רגילה בבדיקה היטב היטב, ולא נראים רק על ידי מיקרוסקופ".
לדברי הרב, באחרונה התירס מוחזק יותר כנגוע בתולעים, "ובוודאי שיש לפורר את הגרעינים ולבדוק שאין תולעים כלל – ורק אז יאכל".
רבים טועים לחשוב כי לאחר בישול קלחי התירס, התולעים נעלמות – אולם במכתבו הרב מתייחס לכך גם כן, וכותב כי "ומה ששאלתם אם בישלו את קלחי התירס, אם כפי שכתבתם שהממצאים מראים שגם לאחר הבישול שורדים התריפסים ואינם נמחים, והוא בחזקת נגוע אף לאחר הבישול – על כן יש לפורר את הגרעינים ולבדוק שאין תולעים אף אחר הבישול. ורק אז יאכל.
"ואשריו של כל מי שיכול להתריע ולהזהיר ולהסביר לציבור שמה שהיה בעבר השתנה מסיבות שונות, וכיום יש להחמיר בזה הרבה", מסיים הרב.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

UPDATE: ALL Corn on the cob (frozen,Fresh, cooked,Microwavable) all infested.

UPDATE: Calif. delight W/ Hisachdus?

Rav Ekstein removed hashgocha.
Corn on the cob, is known to be infested, including the frozen ones.
 Even if it's soaked and salted.

Are the ones from Mexico, Thailand, any better? [No]

Does a Heimish Hashgocha  help to elminate, not just minimize the insects? NO
Bottom line, (frsh & frozen, cooked) Remove the kernels & rinse.
NOT THE BABY CORN, as they don't have the insects- you don't have to de-kernelize baby-corn- eat as is.

Lakewood Library V Orthodox Jewish residents

 The Ocean County Library stated  "Ocean County library's long-standing commitment to  diversity and inclusion and that all people are treated with dignity, courtesy and respect." 

 The Jewish community  of Lakewood was founded and, without wavering, lives today under the principles of the Torah, which forbids all homosexual and transgender behavior.  This is hardly  but just another tradition like wearing of a yarmulke skullcap, or even modest dress; but rather at the very core of Judaism.  For the
 Library promote "Pride" in something unequivocally at its root against Jewish ideals, during an area that is overwhelmingly Jewish is a spit in the face and punch to the jaw of the entire Orthodox Community of Ocean County, and so many others too.   Placing a LGBT Pride month in a library in Lakewood is MORE offensive to most of the Jewish community, arguably, than if you placed a Neo Nazi Pride Month in Lakewood, flying the Swastika instead of the Rainbow. 

If you Truly respect all people and ALLcommunities as per your stated claim, you would have never placed and henceforth will cease an initiative in a town that reviles sexual deviance.

 Your "Diversity and Inclusion Initiative" is at best hypocritical or at worse outright malicious.  For the past three plus millennia years no group in the history of the world has been as hated, discriminated,
 murdered as the Jewish people.  Yet the four "focus areas" don't include Jews who abide by their tradition,
 because, as proven by your behavior of  placing this event in the heart of Lakewood, you clearly
 do NOT care about Jewish. While anyone who  glances around the editorial pages of the newspapers
 read by the people of our State, is cognizant that  there is what ought to be termed a cold  war being  waged against the traditional community of all persuasions, yet  might it be said that your goal  is to spread  this
 propaganda to people who do not wish it for their children?

 Parents in Lakewood of all backgrounds are very concerned with trying to raise children to follow their religion, either as we have been doing for eons. Ocean County's library is possibly a subtly anti-Semitic move trying to uproot thousands of years of religious tradition. Presuming  Parents and families do have Rights Furthermore since parents are worried that about the filth that their children will see at the library, you are lessening the educational and learning availability of the Jewish community for use of the library.  Ipso by promoting the Pride month you are making a UNWELCOMING environment to the Jewish community in the
 Lakewood library".

 We kindly therefore suggest you remove religion from your stated goals or  amend it to read "We are a multicultural and inclusive institution dedicated to providing a welcoming environment to all regardless of age, class, gender, ethnicity, mental or physical ability, race, religion- except for religions such as Judaism-, sexual orientation or political affiliation."

Alert re: Fantastic plastic products

We tried their plastic bags.
We tried their plastic disposable table cloths.

It's worse than poor quality.

Save your money, don't use their inferior products.

Monday, July 03, 2017

Winston Churchill: "The truth is incontrovertable, Malice may attack it, Ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is."


Reb Noson Wachtfogel OB"M described what "Emes" looks like:
An old, slow moving, hunched back,
with a cane in each hand,
every one poking fun at him etc.

"UBB'ER - ER - VET - UN'KUM'EN, - Tzum - Soif.
* * * * * * * * *
Hi Rabbi,
Because of your blog, I along with some of my friends are trying to be more careful in what we put in our mouths. We are in brooklyn. What meat & poultry brands do you recommend. Also I sometimes need to buy bet yosef because I have sephardic guests, can you recommend someplace? Much appreciated. Keep up the good work.
I must say I was bit skeptical about your accusations against agri as they do have the hashgocho of the OU & KAJ who are.... I met last week with a shochet who I know personally to be a yarei shomayim, he's been to AGRI & saw them in action & he told me it's a disaster. He said he even questioned some of the shochtim there & they admitted that they themselves won't eat the meat that they shechted by AGRI. I am no longer skeptical.